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Provenza Tile - Lignes

No muss, no fuss. Or should we say, no moss, no fuss. Get the warmth and beauty of wood without the upkeep with Provenza Lignes tile. Eco-friendly and long-lasting, this wood-looking porcelain tile comes in authentic stains and “grains” and can be used outdoors in the most extreme of conditions.

We are proud to say that no trees were harmed in the production of provenza lignes tile! Even the eco-friendly faux wood planks don’t stand a chance against the durability and beauty of provenza tile.

In four different shades from light to dark, Urban Timber’s Provenza tile is just what you need for poolside or patio, or any high-traffic areas. Also great for use indoors in bathrooms or bedrooms.

Porcelain tile is easy to maintain and clean, unlike wood which has to be replaced over time. It won’t not rot or succumb to the elements as quickly and with proper care may not require replacement very often. Provenza lignes tile does not warp, does not splinter from pressure washing and continues to look fantastic.

Thanks to Urban Timber’s attention to detail and quality work, Provenza Lignes provides the beauty and aesthetics of wood with the mechanical properties of porcelain for a product that just can’t be beat.

Colors available are Sefir, Kor, Axi and Karu. Provenza Lignes porcelain tile is manufactured with a minimum of 40% recycled content which may contribute to LEED credits MR 4.1 and 4.2. Each color of tile comes in a natural finish.

Urban Timber- or Provenza Lignes, is the most fashionable wood looking plank tile of it's kind. Wood Look Tiles have gained much popularity, but this one takes the cake.

Urban Timber captures the appearance of hardwood flooring in four distinctive "stains" and authentic grains. Enjoy wood styling even in the most extreme environments-commercial spaces, wet areas and outdoor settings- all while saving the environment. No trees were harmed in the making of this rustic tile collection, so design away!

Urban Timber- Wood Look Tile